Hydrating Foods To Help You Beat The Heat


In this scorching summer heat, it is important to stay hydrated and refreshed at all times. Not only will it make you feel comfortable, but it will also lessen your chances of having heat stroke. Aside from water, here are some of the top hydrating foods that will help you beat the heat this summer.

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Cucumber, which contains 96.99% of water, doesn’t only keep you hydrated. It also helps you with your digestion and eases out feelings of anxiety and stress. You can enjoy cucumbers on your salads or as a base for fruit juices.

Source: 9 Health Benefits of Cucumber 


Blueberries, because of its fiber contents, helps maintain a healthy digestive system. Its fiber, along with a healthy diet and a lack of cholesterol, also supports a healthy heart.

Source: Blueberries: Health Benefits


Tomatoes, with 94.94% water, is good for healthy digestion and for healthy regular bowel movements. Not only is this fruit/vegetable (depends on how you refer to it) versatile as you can use this for cooking, it also has a lot of health benefits that we are not much aware of. It supports heart health, and its powerful antioxidants can protect the eyes and improve your eye health.

Source: Tomatoes: Health Benefits


Pear is good for people who likes to work-out! It gives a boost of energy needed during work-out, and helps you replenish the energy you lost.

Source: Pear Nutrition: Surprising Immune & Anti-oxidant Benefits 


Watermelon, with its high water content, is also soaked with a lot of nutrients! It contains Vitamin C which is necessary for growth, carotenoids, lycopene which promotes heart health, and cucurbitacin E which is an anti-oxidant and has anti-inflammatory effects.

Source: Top 9 Health Benefits of Eating Watermelon

There you have it! Remember to always stay hydrated this summer, and don’t forget to drink water; even when you’re not thirsty.

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