Task 1 – We want to get to know you! (#WIMtern)


Hello! I’m Joselle Marie B. Fajardo, Grade 12, from the University of Santo Tomas. I love anything and everything that is related to Music and Arts. I learned to use the Photoshop when I was in 8th grade. I enjoyed the Computer subject a lot, and I didn’t know that I would use those skills later on when I first made an account in Wattpad (please don’t judge me yet). In the Multimedia and Designs club, I learned to do book covers with the use of Photoshop, which allowed me to be even more knowledgeable in the area.

Here are some of the works I made three years ago.


I was even more drawn to art because of this. Imagine, I can read stories,  and create my own stories and artworks at the same time!

We were also introduced to Adobe Illustrator in Grade 10, which gives me a basic knowledge about it.

I always love using my creative side especially in school projects and performance tasks. When I was a part of the Student Council in my previous school last 2015, I had the chance to make the school posters, banners, and different designs for activities and merchandise. In the present, even though my major subjects are Math and Science subjects, I don’t want to limit myself and would challenge myself even more to think out of the box and to be as creative as I can in every situation. Even though I know that there are others who are more skillful and better than I am, I know myself that I am fit as a When In Manila Intern because I am passionate at what I am doing and I don’t easily give up, but rather, strive hard to achieve each and every goal that I set on myself. I still have a lot to learn, and this internship would help me improve. If I will be chosen, I will try my best to give my 101% in every task, just as like I always do.


P. S.


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