One More Thing… (Unbelievable)

{nice point. Horror Movies does a lot of damage than you can imagine.}

This Great Horrible Journey Called...

I figured I’d end the night on a high note. Well, high note for me, at least. This will definitely help the rights claim that abortion is wrong. This is an insane story and you gotta have some pretty big testicles to even contemplate this. Sick shit! What is even sicker is that she was hopeful about the child.

I don’t even think this about the abortion issue, this is simply some sick shit that the lowest sort of guy does to get out of something he couldn’t handle. Men can be extremely stupid sometimes and this is a poster example of one of those moments.

This story leads me to wonder if humans haven’t reached an all time low. I mean, this is just one example of how stupid humans have become, but there are other amazing displays of stupidity to humans credit. Like the Cleveland guy…

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